After a good sleep, me and Mr Chiang (A new friend that I have met during the journey, check out my previous blog on how we met if you have been missed out http://www.moocycle.com/?p=1484 how we met)  woke up early in the morning to continue our journey. The weather was cloudy today. Without any sunlight, it was freezing to death, not good 🙁

I have been wearing the same clothes (long john, fleece, and windbreaker) for weeks and I have no chance to change or take it out. It was the only way to keep me warm… I think the temperature was below freezing point now.


Due to the freezing weather, me and Mr Chiang did not have much conversation, we both suffering the freezing weather all time. Take a look at the photo, even the local people wrap like a mummy, it really took a lot of courage to step outside the road. Sometimes I think we were like a warrior on the road. HAHAHA


Cold, cold, cold……

Every single time I will try and think whether they were any others clothes inside my bag that I could wear it…I was having running nose for weeks due to this weather. No matter day or night, they were liquid coming out from my nose, it just like water tap sometimes =.=

The things get worse at the outdoor, the liquid has frozen to ice and I could see blood on it, can’t do anything, just hope for the bright sun to come out, been quite some time I did not meet my dearest friend….”HOT SUN”


Really a horrible morning, the visibility getting lower and wind getting stronger when we went further down the road. It looks like 6pm in Malaysia, should I turn back to the village and stay for another night? Any other options?


We bump into a group, which heading to Tibet too, suddenly I feel like we were not alone, it has enlightened me to continue my journey. But first thing’s, can I borrow their clothes, it looks so warm to me. Plan to buy one too…


Another group here… this time were all females, I have been told that they were traveling around 20-30 km per day. They will set up a camp or sleep in the village along with their journey. I was proud of their determination. If they can do it, I can finish my journey too!!! Keep Rolling!!!

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-10 at 8.18.08 PM

I have reached Gahaixiang (尕海乡), located at southern of Ganshu (甘肃). The average elevation was 4400m, the height was above Mount Kinabalu!!

I have been told that the average temperature all year was only 3’C…


After 2 hours of cycling, we have arrived a small shop that located on the roadside. It was time for us to refill our stomach. It was a really small shop and we just order what they have in the kitchen. A hot bowl of beef noodles was served, it was not bad actually…maybe we were hungry and cold. After that, drank a few cups of hot Chinese tea to warm ourselves, have some rest and continue our journey…