Mr Chiang is from Yunnan. He works as a teacher and never seen a lake or sea in his lifetime. He told me it was because Yunnan is an inland district, seafood was hardly been found at his place. Gansu gahai zecha lake was in his bucket list. So divert a few kilometer to see the lake. The lake looks normal for me but the feeling for Mr Chiang was totally different, I can see his facial impression. (Mr Chiang was a new friend that I have meet, check out my previous blog on how we met if you have been missed out, check it here: http://www.moocycle.com/?p=1484)


Although China is the largest population in the world, where were all those people? HAHA, There were still many places to explore in this country. The air was fresh and I feel so freedom.


We arrived at Luqu in the afternoon. I can say we were pedaling quite fast. We decided to stop and have our lunch here. This was a small town.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-10 at 8.34.08 PM

Luqu country (碌曲县), part of Gansu, China.


Sadly, Mr Chiang has to move ahead after having lunch together. It was mainly due to the tight timeframe as he only got 12 days leave for his trip before taking a train back to Yunnan. Goodbye and goodluck to him and wish him a safe journey. By the way, my schedule was not tight, I can slow down a bit. Feeling so tired now, I plan to take a rest in this small town.


Finally, I could have some rest, took out my shoes…..Urgggg, my shoes smell like salted fish (咸鱼) ….. Founded a bottle of insect repellent that I have bought it somewhere in Thailand. I don’t need this anymore, the weather is so cold and I think no mosquitoes could survive in this area. In case of mosquitoes you can also contact experts from pest control maine to get rid off it. Anyway, don’t waste it, I have to spray it on my shoes ?


Too bad I’m not familiar with Chinese Chess (兵,马,将), if not I can sit down and have a challenge with them :). They look pro though, they will think a long time for a single move.


WOW, it’s Jacky Cheung, ?


I always wanted to get one of their clothes, looks so warm for me. I have no idea what will I facing tomorrow, hopefully, the weather will be good….