Almost two months in China now. This is how I spend my meal most of the time. As you can see in the photo, Two bowls of rice, come with 3 fried eggs and a dish of vegetable. It will cost me around RM10-15, simple and nice. I will avoid meat most of the time to avoid “Lao Sai”….HAHAHA


Thanks to my sponsor UFL Sdn Bhd for the Suunto M5 watch. It’s work very well along the journey and without any malfunction although at high altitude. This is what it looks like on my cockpit. Too cold for me and I had to wear two gloves, a pair of fleece glove to wear inside plus a leather glove to wear outside. A small torch light that bought in Hat Yai, Thailand. It was quite useful for me especially crossing the tunnel here.


Look at their mode of transportation.


Road G213.


Still traveling along the national road G213, pass by a school and have some rest.


Seem like a kindergarten or a primary school while looking at their age. Those children were staying miles from their homes. They have to travel few kilometers to school everyday by foot. Sometimes, I think that we consider lucky in our country with proper transport, uniform in our school. Although China economies were developing in fast pace over decades, but they were still 30 millions of people live in poverty. But as I can see, their government also try hard to solve this problem like building up the infrastructure. Although those kids might not lives as better as us, but everyone was happy, just look at their face in the photo…simple and perfect.


Tyre puncture while on my way to the next stop. This is the third time after cycling of 5000km. It’s always happened on my rear wheel. However, the modification on the underneath tire works well.


Bump with a student traveling opposite direction with me, he is heading to Wen Chuan (the 8.Ms earthquake location that I have passed earlier). But his mode of travel was “By foot” !! I really have no idea when will he going to reach Wen Chuan……At least I got my bicycle…Suddenly I’m feeling that I was luckier than him….HAHAHA