Arrive in Lintao, the temperature here was extremely cold and windy…plan to stay a night here.


Let me tell you all a little info about Lintao.

Lintao 临洮, previously known as Didao 狄道

Lintao County is administratively under the control of Dingxi, Gansu province.The county is located mostly on the right (eastern) bank of the Tao River, a right tributary of the Yellow River. It borders with Lanzhou in the northeast. Lanzhou just 100km from Lintao.

Lintao was an important trade center during the Northern Song Dynasty (11-12th century), It is known to have been home to hundreds of foreign merchants at the time, some of whom may have been the ancestors of today’s Hui people of Gansu. It is also one of the important town back to great silk road.

Lintao also located at high altitude, ranging from 1700 to 3600m, therefore the average temperature was 7c all year round.

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In the cold weather, I’m easily getting hungry. My portion getting larger, I often taking two dishes in every meal. As you can see in the photo, one bowl of fried rice and noodle…HAHA…Have to get more energy to cycle.


Muslims make up a majority of the population in Lintao. I could see Halal foods everywhere. I just sat on the roadside most of the time, watching people passing the road. It is a small town here, difference from the big city, far away from pollution, congestion and I could breathe with fresh air. Been wondering what are the people doing daily, how much is their cost of living….


Watching those people repairing the bicycle on the roadside…Having some rest and recall the sweet memories along the journey.

It’s been a long way from home now. I took almost 2 months to reach here. I started to missed my family members and my friends. I wondering how they doing back there and how they think of my journey…..I was still a long way to reach UK…..Whatever…What I need to do now is to stay focus and make sure everything is on track. I don’t want anyone to worry about me.