I was awake in the morning with some weird sound. A normal day and as cold as usual, but when I step outside the door, it was SNOW!!!

I feel excited at first when I experience snowing, but after a while I was started thinking that it could be hard to cycle when snowing. How am I going to start my ride today? Should I stay one more night instead? What should I do if I stay one more day here?

After a deep consideration, I decided to move on. Anyway, it would be a good experience for me to riding during snow. No need to think much, started to pack all my things and continue my journey. 船到桥头自然直 (Things will turn out in the end) Hahaha. The bad things is the bike was covered with snow in just 5 minute ride. hmmm


Lucky I bought some cakes yesterday. This will be my breakfast.


I have no idea when will be the next stop to get some hot meal.


Not good not good, the road is going downhill as I look at the map elevation. How am I going to warm up my body without pedaling? ARGGG


I have to stop and have a rest after 2 hours cycling downhill. My finger was freeze like an ice bar, I can’t feel the brake lever. Lucky is the weather turn better now BUT i saw my nightmare, a TUNNEL was in front of me, I have to cycle through it, there was no turning back…


The tunnel was totally dark, it was like cycling in the dark even with the bike lighting. Cold and wet road, I could rank it 8/10 of the extreme level. Some big truck will pass by once a while, I have to pull aside and let the big truck to pass, safety first.