Passing by a petrol station, now only I notice that the motorbike is not allow to pump directly to the motorcycle fuel tank. 


As you can see on the second photo, the motorcyclist have to park their bike, fill up the petrol to the silver container that located on the floor, and pour it to the motorbike tank. Hmm, looks weird and quite funny for me…haha


Cycling along G315 road, pass by a nice old building with well maintain, it’s look like a historical place for me. There were also many nice scenery along the road, strongly recommended!!


Kung Fu fighting spotted…real fight…no kidding. I have no idea what is going on, I think that guy being hit has did something wrong… not fair 2 vs 1…wish to help..but better let them settle 🙂


Start to cycle uphill again..quite tiring but those beautiful scenery quickly enlighten me and forgot about the tiring. The lake was cover by thin ice and I could see that the ice were melting. Actually, I wish to walk on the ice on the lake but I scared that the ice suddenly crack and I would fall down into the lake…so better don’t…



There were no man land, hardly to see any people around here, better continue my journey..still got long way to go…


Saw a group of sheep…maybe this is a factory that making wool “Benang”…those sheep were fat and fluffy, but how if they cutting off ther fur…those sheep might me freezing cold at night :(…even I am wearing wind breaker in the afternoon now… would they stand the cold at night?? Just my thought.


Is 5pm now… I have been cycling for 9 hours today..almost hit my limit. No more cement road…off-road condition, I have no 4wd drive. Thinking that where am I going to sleep tonight? I am exhausted, hungry and cold


Is getting darker now (almost 7pm along G315 near Haibei)…Sun.. please don’t go…spare me some light and heat before I found a shelter for tonight.

Stay tune…..