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Spend a night in Qilian, most of the food was halal here as majority of the population here were Muslim. Forget about what happened at the frozen mountain up there, I quickly order some food because I am starving. Freshly handmade noodle from the China chef in the kitchen, I’ve also order some vegetables with meat to fill up my stomach. The taste was almost similar with the “Lanzhou Ramen” restaurant in Malaysia. But most of the food was oily and spicy… I have to keep telling them not to put so much oil and less spicy…

Video: Ramen Making



GOOD MORNING…..A nice scenery to start the journey this morning, an empty road and a snowy mountain…10,000km more to pedal and I will reach my destination 🙂


It’s been a long time I did not see any greenery across the road, all I can remember was white snow in the past weeks…However, the weather was still cold here…near to frozen level I think 🙁

Video: From Qilian, I divert my route to Zhangye. I need to travel a little bit east and turn back to west again.



I have no idea since when was my last shower….doesn’t matter for me now…HAHAHA…I was wearing the same clothes for cycling and sleep…because of the cold weather, I did not really sweat…can “tahan” not to shower 🙂

By the way, I think I have lose quiet some weight from the beginning until now, but I have no chance to find a weight to see it.


Stop by a place for my breakfast, it was a house for the local people for staying here. They welcome the visitor to enter the house for some food….They also provided some hot tea with heater…It was really a nice place for a short rest, the people here was friendly as well.



Oh…Jakie Chan Detergent? It make me remember of some of their movies while heating up myself at the heater. It was so warm here, feel like no going anywhere now….HAHA



After filled up my stomach and have a quick charge on my energy, my engine can go full force now 🙂 Another 160KM to go!!!



The third largest country in the world, China was so huge and I have spend weeks stepping in Panda’s land. The Malaysia flag will shine everywhere around the world whenever I go. I will accept and overcome all the challenge ahead of me…remember..NEVER GIVE UP!!



After a long ride in the morning, I rewarded myself a bowl of hot noodle soup, the taste is good…maybe I am hungry..HAHA…Unlike the big cities..the life in here was very slow.

Qilian still around 3000m altitude. I think my body already acclimatize and I’m not easy to get AMS sickness. Hahaha.