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PENANG ASIA PACIFIC MASTERS GAMES 2018 is the FIRST  master multi sport event in that held in Penang. The event will start on 7 September and end on 15 September.

There were estimated of 10,000 participants from the Asia Pacific to participate in this 9 days of excitement. This event has featuring of total of 21 sports and definitely is a good opportunity for the people who love in sport and meeting new friends. This event was open for all ages and capabilities, no qualifying or selection process involved for this event. Hence, it could also called as the global festival of sports. It is for everyone no matter you are a serious competitor or just joining for fun.

By the way, some of the sport have certain requirement on the age. The average requirement age I could say is 30 years old.

Just like many others big sport events, there were opening and closing ceremonies and the medal will be given in all events.

The tagline “Beyond the Games”, which is more than a sporting event. It will also be an avenue to foster friendship, goodwill and a chance to propel the growth of masters sports, especially in the Asian region.

Apart of that, by helding this event, it will definitely be a chance to boost up the vibe of Penang.

The island has been voted No. 2 in CNN’s list of Must-Visit Travel Destinations in the World 2017. It also been listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site since 2008, this virgin paradies has no shortage of cultural sights and natural scenery. It’s nickname “Pearl of the Orient” is famous for its beaches and also food capital in Malaysia. Believe me, there were tons of joy you could find if you visited this island!!

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With Mr Hanif, Jamal Hashim. Having a nice Penang street food.

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We collected the race kits and bib at Setia Spice convention center Bayan Lepas. One of the funniest things is the size of the cycling jersey. I have order XS but the size is like L and the cutting was funny. I have no idea where did they find the supplier from. Hope they could improve in the future event. Also,  the schedule booklet is provided in the race kit but we still need to get updates on the actual flag off time from the organizer as the timing and information may vary.

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Penang food is the best!! Delicious food everywhere all across the street in the whole island. The price is still consider cheap despite many tourist visited in recent year. One of the best things is most of the stall still operate by local Malaysian rather than hire foreign worker for cooking. As you could see many of the Char Kuey Teau store in KL was fried by foreign worker =.= If the workers feels discriminated or face some issues, they can contact expert workers’ compensation attorneys from Carlson Meissner who can give them legal counseling and represent their rights.

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Fried oyster omelet, highly recommended !!

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There were total of 24 Games in this event which is Archery, Athletic, Badminton, Basketball, Cycling, Football, Golf, Hokey, Lion dance, Netball, Pencak Silat, Shooting, Softball, Squash, Swimming, Table tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis, Tenpin Bowling, Volleyball, Weight lifting, Wushu.

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Cycling category that open for age 30 and above. There were consist of 3 types, which is Critirium, Mountain biking, and Road Race.

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8/9/2018, The First Race,

Critirium at Esplanade 1.5km x 24laps. The weather has turn bad during the M3 + M4 category. Strong wind on the seaside and raining has cause the road become wet and slippery. With the concern of safety, the organizer committee has reduce the laps from 24 to 12 laps during the race.

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9/9/2018, Second Day,

MTB XCO at Agro Relau.The race track was human made trail with length of 2.8km x 6 laps. It was fun and challenging and requires lots of skills, strength and endurance.

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Thanks to CM Bikesports and Najmi Zulkefli for the 29er hardtail mtb use for this race.

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10/9/2018 Final Day for me,

The race will start from Gurney Plaza to View point Jalan Tun Sardon Balik Pulau. The race is 3 laps with total distance of 100.3km. The race started at 9am sharp with narrow hairpin bend along batu feringghi. We took the first climb after the butterfly park before the dam. The slope to the hill was quite steep and everyone have to put their effort to stick in the first group until the peak before going downhill.  Another challenging part is the shading narrow steep hairpin along the downhill. It really require 1000% of the concentration as well as the flexible control for taking each corners with minimal braking. A tiny mistake could cause injury. The organizer did not provided water station for this race. Thanks to Team PMA (Penang Mountain Bike Association) volunteer to support for refreshments and water supply during this race. If not, we have to nothing to drink in this 100km ride!!

I have to complain about the road traffic during the race as the organizer was no take care and control the traffic. It has lead to the vehicles were free to pass at the junctions. Therefore, the riders were forced to squeeze in between the traffic like “mat rempit”.

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Finally, I finished 3rd in M3 Category (40-44). One of the achievement for me :).

Lastly, I have to express my gratitude to the support and sponsor from Team CRCBOX.ORG. Also special thanks for Datuk Ng Joo Ngan as coach training, Abang Hamdam and Team KL.

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