Started my journey early in the morning from Zhangye.  Zhangye is a prefecture-level city in central Gansu Province in China. It borders Inner Mongolia on the north and Qinghai on the south. This area was mostly desert, therefore I have to fill up my stomach to full capacity and ready to hit a high mileage today. The plan for today is to pedal around 200km using G312 road.

20120413_101511  20120413_112202

The weather was so comfortable today, I rather ride in the warm weather than the freezing cold weather earlier.


A construction of a sky bridge while half way on my journey, maybe a sky bullet train railway?


Off road!!!, Coudn’t saw a rest area for me to refill my water. Started to feel hungry now as it was already afternoon. Lucky that I have brought some snacks in my backpack. What I have to do now is to control my water intake in order to reach my next stop.


I don’t think that I could have my lunch today, The road seems to have no ending…

20120413_142101  20120413_134421

I finally diverted my road to the west from using high altitude mountain to silk road.


Already pedal for 160km and I have no proper food in my stomach since breakfast. It was almost 4pm now. The weather was dry and hot but I have to keep pedalling at a slow pace. My stomach is yelling now…..


Saw a vehicle pass by and I wish to try my luck to stop it but fail…My reaction was too slow and the vehicle just flew beside me…sad….:(


At last, I reach Jiuquan around 9pm. Finally, I could have my meal!!!! My brain already could not function well, after the eating and I straight go to sleep. What a day!!