Pass by a unique building, look like a mosque with some Chinese element. I have no idea where is this place, I just keep going on and just make sure that the sunset will be in front of me, I did not see any signboard and map on my hand. I met a wonderful lady walking alone in my opposite direction, she was walking from West China to the East.

Another morning, passing by a statute, I think he is one of the historical people in this area. It was exactly 60 days I left Kuala Lumpur. It was my first time to see The Great Wall in real live, all I was only able to see it from TV. One of the 7 wonders in the world. It was also rated for 5AAAAA tourist attraction. I get to know

What a tough and dusty day, the road was full of trucks passing by today….the whole road was dusty and it was hard to breathe… Every truck and approaching me behind will give me a honk, another honk when driving beside me while ane more honk after passing me. As you can imagine the loud sound of the honk of the truck, I have to experience dozens of times during