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Another delicious food spotted, I could never forget the good taste of this so call “nasi briyani” with meat. The rice come with a cup of Chinese Tea, I am very satisfying with the taste of every spoon in my mouth.


Next is the bbq marinated meat!! The meat was juicy and tender. They call it “ bbq kou rou”  It was one of the most satisfying lunch I had so far. Every food was perfect!!

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“siu lung pow” ? Taste normal by the way 🙁


Wow, look that “cheese nan”…HAHA Bread? You can just tell him how many pieces you want. He is busy and help yourself, the plastic bag is just hanging there, haha.


Saw another stall selling  “bbq kou rou”, can’t resist the smell and bought another 3 stick.


Out of sudden I heard someone shout for “Pickpocket”, there were around 30 police turn out within a second. WOW, they were fast and come out from nowhere, very efficient. I give you guys a big like.

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As a multi- ethnic city, many of the street foods are mixtures of Chinese delights and Arabic. The medicine still dried reptiles to make soups.


The mosque was nice and big, I think this structure was quite some history. Prayers call can be heard in the city loud and clear.

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Wow, the movie theater was full with security scan. You have to go thru a full body scan and security check before entering the movie hall. Good or Bad? Comment below…hehe


I enter a shop to check out for some local textile materials. The shop owner quickly identified me as a foreigner base on my accent. He is surprised that I could speak mandarin as a foreigner and even surprise and excited that I cycle all the way from Malaysia.


We were having a long conversation in the shop and he ask me to sign “not for sale” on an item that display in his shop. He was really a nice guy, he even treat me for a steamboat diner with his friends and colleagues.


The steamboat was nice especially in this cold weather and also a good memories for me to finished my journey in the last big city in China.