I started my journey n 8am in the morning. The morning sun warm me up and given me the energy to cycle for whole day. It was April now, it was coming to summer, the sunrise was getting earlier everyday. I was using the Sun as my daily compass as I was heading west :). The sun will be right on my back in the morning and the sunset will be in front of me during the evening. Compare to two months back, the the sun rise on my right and sunset will be on my left. The latitude is getting higher and higher now as I am heading up to northern China.

20120420_093755  20120420_093822

Ramen is my favourite during the journey in China. I have no idea how to describe the taste of the noodle and the meat. I can eat is everyday if I have the choice. Have a big bowl of handmade ramen in the afternoon. After a long ride in the morning, I am starving now.


I watch the guy cooking ramen. Firstly, the ramen will be put on the hot boil water and dry it afterward. The dry ramen will be put on a bowl and they prepare the beef that mix with the vegetable and sauce and put in on a small bowl. As you can see the photo above, there were two bowl been serve. Now, what you need to do is mix the small bowl of beef and vegetable with the hot ramen, and enjoy!!. The noodle was smooth and perfectly match with the tasty and tendering beef. The standard portion was big enough for me to complete my remaining journey for today !!

And also, chinese tea is free flow! Just drink as much as I can to get hydrated.


Let’s eat together.


Another no man land. There were no place to stop and refill at the certain area like this, so I have to make sure I have enough of water and some food supplied in case of emergency. Although is already April, the weather was still cold and most off the time and I need to stop by the road to eat and reserve energy.


Oh no, looks like I’m going uphill again, totally draining my energy…


Sometimes I have to enter the expressway and the road condition was better compare to small road. I can use the emergency lane to cycle. The traffic was light compare to others big city in China, as it was very outskirt area in China.



I have travel so far from Malaysia. It’s already 9.30pm now, the sunset was quite and cold over here. Sky are clear and the star is visible.

20120420_161718   20120420_161920   20120420_162213   20120420_180358 - Copy

Is a small town, everyone was relax compare to the big busy city. I feel relax too, you can see variety of goods been selling here. Something like walking on local “Pasar” in Malaysia.