Crossing tunnel is always my nightmare as you can refer back my previous experience when I crossing the tunnel. I’ve been crossing so many tunnels in China and the longest tunnel is 10km. While this tunnel was only 3km, so is fine for me, let’s do it! It took me almost half an hour to cross this tunnel, it’s dark and freezing inside. However, is an another beautiful view right

Another day, another breakfast. No menu, what you see what you get, just order what is available. As usual, some of the people will ask me where am I heading now, I replied, entering Kazakhstan. It was strange that most of the people advice me not to enter that country or to be aware when you entering the country as the place were dangerous. Some even told me that they

I born in a humble family with with many negative thoughts. With the negative thoughts and limited allowance in the family, many of my ambitions and dreams was force to be restricted or abandoned. It was one of my reason the make this attempted as I want to erase my ‘blueprints’. During my very young age, Pandan Indah and Pandan Perdana was yet to be developed. I was staying at