I born in a humble family with with many negative thoughts. With the negative thoughts and limited allowance in the family, many of my ambitions and dreams was force to be restricted or abandoned. It was one of my reason the make this attempted as I want to erase my ‘blueprints’.

During my very young age, Pandan Indah and Pandan Perdana was yet to be developed. I was staying at Taman Cheras Indah, which between this two proposed project. During that time, my surrounding was full of bushes and some farms and I use to cycling alone in this area with the radius of 5-8 km until I reach Ampang. I did not inform my parents and even from this journey to London I also didn’t inform them. It was enough of negative responses from all the people. All I need is to stay focus and stay away from negatives peoples.


Finally, I reach a stop of at rest area somewhere is the North West of China after departing from Urumqi, one of the largest city in northwest of China. It was really a peaceful place, less pollution, surrounding by huge mountains and standing 2000 meters above sea level.

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I’ve been travel almost 9000km from Kuala Lumpur and it has took me around 2 months to reach here. I have been travel so far and I could steadily tell myself that nothing can stop me now. I have been thru many scariest part throughout the journey and I am glad that I am able to went thru it. Apart from that, I will also share this experience to my daughter Hong Yan, she was only a new born baby with 4-5 months on that time.

“R&R” stop for the travellers. Opps, I think this is not really “R&R”, just a “Hentian Sebelah”. This stop was small and come with a place for travellers to rest. There was one lot behind the stop and I think there were around 10 rooms that provided for the travellers to stay overnight. Every cubicle made from bricks and stones, the toilet was located outside the premises. Anyone can stay here and just pay a very little money.


I got the end lot with beautiful view. As the weather was quite cold in the night, I wish that the wall and windows was wind proof. Hmm, but things don’t turn out the way you want, lets check out the conditions.


Wow, not bad right, I got a super single with a 12 inches mattress. Apart from that, you will also get a large “50” flat screen tv hang on the wall with tropical fruits programme for the whole time. You can just look at the “TV” when you were thirsty, HAHA


Wake up in the morning, the weather was warm and I can breath the fresh air all over the place. There was a beautiful mountains view while walking out from my “5 star hotel”, the sun begin to rise and some cows was strolling around. Sometimes I think that those cows might could live longer than us as they living in this place with least pollution and fresh air.