Another day, another breakfast. No menu, what you see what you get, just order what is available. As usual, some of the people will ask me where am I heading now, I replied, entering Kazakhstan. It was strange that most of the people advice me not to enter that country or to be aware when you entering the country as the place were dangerous. Some even told me that they kills people. Oh shit…I started to worried now, anyway I will not 100% believed it and I will experience it by myself.

I am now heading towards “Huo Er Guo Si”, whereby a town before entering Kazakhstan. From there I hope that I could get internet access to check more information on my future journey.


I am still travelling in road G312, it’s been few weeks travelling with this road. It was estimated 150-160km to “Guo Er Guo Si” from now to reach the border of China-Kazakhstan.

20120424_101113  20120424_095646

A nice and peaceful day. Started my journey early in the morning, the sun give me warm and energy for the whole day. I will spend my last 160km in China towards the border of Kazakhstan, I was started to miss China as I have spend most of the time here while I am also excited and curious to see what Kazakhstan looks like.

20120424_104622  20120424_103102

I saw a huge lake along the way. Its Sayram lake. Hmm, the story seems sad tho…

Sayram lake  Sayram lake-2

The lake was located 2070 meter above sea level. With this level of altitude and the weather now, the most part of the lake was seems frozen with ice. I had stop by to have a quick rest since there was hardly to find a stop along this road. I took out my snacks from my luggage and eat it while enjoying the beautiful scenery.


The lake was one of the tourist attraction here as you could see the signboard. This area is rated with AAAA. This area was nice and peaceful and the picture was taken during end of spring and beginning of summer as you could see the grass and flowers started to grow.


The road was well maintain and straight as a pencil. You could hardly find a car passing by, I could sense that I could live more than 10 years longer . As you can see, I could just park my bike on the road and take a photo of me :).

20120424_110448  20120424_110530  20120424_110545  20120424_111853

Wonder how big is the lake, I am cycling along this lake feels like never ending. Never mind, the scenery was mind blowing and I wish I could been thru this everyday. Most part of the lake was frozen and cover with ice, i wonder how thick it is and I wish that I could step on it

20120424_115828 20120424_115624 20120424_120502

People riding with their horse, sometimes I wish that I could live a life like them.