Crossing tunnel is always my nightmare as you can refer back my previous experience when I crossing the tunnel. I’ve been crossing so many tunnels in China and the longest tunnel is 10km. While this tunnel was only 3km, so is fine for me, let’s do it!


It took me almost half an hour to cross this tunnel, it’s dark and freezing inside. However, is an another beautiful view right after the exit of the tunnel.

20120424_122828  20120424_123120

Is time for me to speed downhill across this beautiful bridge along with snowy mountain and greenery.


This bridge was long, it might take some time to go to another end.

20120424_123701  20120424_123859  20120424_124135  20120424_124607  20120424_125834

The elevation was a bit steep and I have to stay focus and control of my speed, not to over the limit so that I could gain control. Cycling while enjoying the beautiful scenery along the road. I stop by on the bridge and took a selfie, weather was really nice today.

20120424_130109  20120424_145730


After a fun ride down the hill, there were 2 hours of flat road under the shining sun. This road will took me to my destination today, “Huo Er Guo Si”. Luckily my water supply was enough so that I could keep myself hydrated while cycling under the sun.


Finally, I reach “Huo Er Guo Si” after 3 hours of ride from the beautiful bridge. It’s time for me to find a decent room to rest for this few days. No more “5 stars” hotel for me, already enough. HAHA.

I really need to take a good rest in this small town before entering Kazakhstan. Apart from that, I also need to search on more information such as currency, safety issue, language, places, route and etc…