After 2 hours of paddling like a zombie, I am totally exhausted and dehydrated. Luckily, I saw a small village from far and I turn to turbo mode and quickly pedal towards the village. I saw an old guy digging something in front of his house and I quickly approach him and ask for water. All I need now is just a pipe water will do but their gesture seems

I woke up early in the morning and start my journey at 8am in order to hit my daily target, 160km. This is my first morning in Kazakhstan and I am excited and ready to explore the country. I hope that the advice that given by the people at the Chinese border area was not true. The road condition was not as good as China, the road was uneven and

With almost 2 months travelling in China, I arrived at Kazakhstan. It was really a huge difference in term of the geographic, you can’t see the beautiful mountain road cover with snow, all you can see is a flat road toward the end. Even the soil were difference here, the weather was dry and sandy, you can’t likely saw a tree around here. I went to search online, Kazakhstan is

Every meal was tasty in Huo Er Guo Si (Beef or Mutton), and marinated with spices and bbq. The tastes of the meat was juicy and tender. I almost had it every meal. The meat was serve with a toasted bread and come out from the cement brick oven, almost like tandoori style. I was sitting there for whole day while enjoying drinking of chinese tea and use of their