I woke up early in the morning and start my journey at 8am in order to hit my daily target, 160km. This is my first morning in Kazakhstan and I am excited and ready to explore the country. I hope that the advice that given by the people at the Chinese border area was not true.

The road condition was not as good as China, the road was uneven and the air condition was nasty, you can’t barely see a greenery around here. I have to ride my bike carefully to avoid any accident occur.

Damn, my rear wheel puncture again. Even I had modify by adding a layer of rubber between the inner wheel and the inner tube, unfortunately, it’s still puncture… always rear wheel..

The dismantle of the rear wheel is harder than front wheel as it was more heavy loaded with weights. Anyway, I could take this opportunity to have some rest or else I have no idea when should I stop next.

Sometimes people might asked me what should I do or what happen if my bicycle breakdown on the road during the journey. Well, I actually went to a bicycle shop and work in there as a mechanic/ technician to learn all about the parts of the bicycle from A to Z. I also told the shop owner about the my long journey plan and seek some expert advice that what should I take note. Hence, I am carry a fews important bicycle parts that easily torn, maintenance tools and lubricants my in my backpack for the emergency.

After fixing my bike, I am sweating and feel hot…I saw cactus after a short ride…This place was nasty and dry…

I am started to get dehydrated but my bottle of water was almost empty…look at the water level..is only left 200ml. It was almost 2pm now, it should be after lunch time but I did not taken anything in my stomach. I search my backpack, it was left only some chocolate and snacks which can make me more thirsty after I had them

Anyway, I just sip a little bit of water to keep my mouth watered as my lips was too dry. I can feel the water flow inside my body to every part of my organs for every single drip. I just keep myself paddling and hope to find water sources in somewhere near to me.

Is around 4pm now and I feel really tired, having no energy and heavily dehydrated. I saw a railway along the road, I was so thirsty now, I cycle along the railway and I hope that there will be a stop in front. Then I found a small tunnel under the railway, I plan to have a rest or even have a camp and overnight there but there were no water sources around. I decided to keep pedaling forward and hope for miracle….