After 2 hours of paddling like a zombie, I am totally exhausted and dehydrated. Luckily, I saw a small village from far and I turn to turbo mode and quickly pedal towards the village. I saw an old guy digging something in front of his house and I quickly approach him and ask for water.

All I need now is just a pipe water will do but their gesture seems telling me to go inside his house as he did not understand what I am saying. We just communicate with some simple hand gesture, we seems to understand each others, haha. He ask his wife to boil the water to make some tea. While waiting the water to boil, I quickly grab a empty cup and pour a cup of water from the water tap and quickly down in within second. After the water boiled, they served me with a cup of tea, they call the drink as “chye”. They add some sugar in the hot tea and serve with bread and jam on the table.

Their kids were sitting outside and watching me and maybe I am a first foreigner arrived their home. I can feel like they have a lot of questions on me while looking at their face expression. I can roughly know what they were talking about and what they were asking, I bring out a piece of paper to use it as my explanation by drawing some picture on it. They seems interesting and I spend almost an hour with them  

After the tea break, I saw a farm behind their house. I ask their permission to set my my camp and overnight on the farm as my information stated that the nearest pay accomodation was nearly 30 km from here.  

I saw their expression was happy and agreed that I could stay a night at here. Their bathroom was located at the end of the farm, around 30 meter from the house. Their kids were asking me whether want to join them for shower. It’s been long time I did not take showers since last time in China….I think is been around few weeks.!!

As you can see, they used the woods to boiled up the water, it look traditional but I like the feel. It was so warm inside the bathroom and I feel like just have a sleep here tonight.

After an unforgettable hot shower, the madam was cooking the diner in the kitchen. The smell was good and I was really hungry despite I just ate some bread earlier during the tea break. After that, they invited me for diner in the dining room. The dining table was full of delicious food and I almost forgot how pity and nasty I am during the day time. I was so grateful that I have found a village with a wonderful family, if not I have to sleep under the railway tunnel tonight.  

After an amazing dinner, I prepare to set up my tent at the farm. But madam has bring me into the house and take me to upstairs. It was on of their room and they have tidy it and ask me to sleep here for tonight. This room was next to the kids and the kids were all sleeping on the floor with mattress. I mentioned to madam that I could join the kids and sleep on the floor but she insist to let this room for me to overnight.

I woke up at 6.30am and it was one of the most wonderful sleep ever during the journey. I walked down to the living room and I saw the old couple was squeezing their body and sleep  on the sofa. I felt so bad as I think that the room that I slept last night was the guest room and now actually they gave up their room for me ?

They woke up around 7am and madam prepare a wonderful breakfast for the family. They offer me to take a box of chocolate for my journey but I refuse and i replied that I just have some bread and tea is enough for me.  

I can’t express my emotion to this family. They were so warm, bless them with happiness and healthy always.