Have anyone ever tried horse and camel milk before? This is my first time drink it, the taste was so strong compared to cow milk…Madi told me that the people will get stronger when you having one of these everyday… ok… I am out. 😣 On the way back from Astana to Almaty, spend some time to learn some basic vocabulary from Madi so that it will not be boring for

1st of May, is Labour day, it took me 2.5 month to reach here from Kuala Lumpur. My plan is to reach London before 27th July, before the opening of the London Olympic 2012. I have another 2.5 months to go. Am I able to make it on time? As you can see in the photo, I am on my way to Astana for Malaysia embassy with Madi for my

I am now in the mission to find the Malaysia embassy in Almaty. Before that, I had contact with another group of 5 cyclist, who also cycling from Penang to London at the same time. Their route was also entering Kazakhstan but divert to Caspian sea and to Azerbaijan, Amenia then Turkey. My plan is to divert my route to join them instead of my original plan entering Russia, Ukraine

After saying goodbye to the lovely old couple, I continue my journey to Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan. This is my third day in Kazakhstan, everything was going well. I will need to find Malaysia embassy when I reach Almaty as my plan is to divert my road so that I need to seek some advice in the embassy. Anyway, a teenager ride with a donkey? This mode of