After saying goodbye to the lovely old couple, I continue my journey to Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan. This is my third day in Kazakhstan, everything was going well. I will need to find Malaysia embassy when I reach Almaty as my plan is to divert my road so that I need to seek some advice in the embassy. Anyway, a teenager ride with a donkey? This mode of transportation is hardly see in Malaysia.

There were cemetery everywhere along the road.

The ride was quite comfortable as there were no mountain road to climb when I enter Kazakhstan. The road was flat and the weather was not as cold as China.

Saw an advertisement written in Kazakhstan language. Couldn’t pronounce a single word, what I can pronounce is “Gracio”, maybe is the product name. I wish that I could have a bottle of this too.

Found a small grocery store along the road, went inside and grab some snacks to store in my backpack.

Colourful and clean.

Hmm, will this safe when a strong wind blow? Are they any people staying there?

Anyway, I have to start looking for a place to camp just in case I couldn’t reach Almaty on time. I look at the map, there were large areas of grasslands and sandy regions in Kazakhstan, there were only 5% of the land is populated.

After hours of paddling, I found a place for my lunch. The building looks old, but the inside was neat and clean. All of the dining table come with table cover. I just simply point on the food that I would like to have, the lunch was less than RM10 🙂

Oh, finally I saw snowy mountains on my left. However, I am heading the opposite direction and I don’t think that I will have to cross those giant mountains or else I will be freeze to death.

I should stay positive and to forget what the people told me about how nasty in Kazakhstan on the China border. Maybe they just heard someone mentioned about it but they did not been here.

Wow, I think a rich couple getting married today. A 20 feet long Hummer limousine just pass by me. Wish that I could sit inside so that they could send me to Almaty, HAHA….well stop dreaming and keep pedalling.

Although I did not know their word but I am pretty sure it spell “Almaty”. Finally, I reach the place!! I am still wondering why the paint the bottom of the tree in white as I saw many along the way.

My first mission in Almaty is to look for Madi, the person that I met in first day when I reach Kazakhstan. The road map is complicated and I have to keep stopping and ask for the direction. Luckily the people were friendly here, although I did not understand what they were talking, but they seems helpful. I will also ask another person on the street if they did not know the place.  

Waze and Google map was not popular on that time and it was impossible for me to key in the location as I did not know their language. You could even hardly see a people using smartphone here, most of them were still using old school analog phone. Therefore searching for the location nearly impossible here.

Anyway, I still on my way looking for Madi, all he gave was the landmarks after landmark but I could not read and speak their language. The local people also did not speak English. It made me even harder to find Madi.

I found a bike shop along the road, I try my luck to pass my phone to the local people and let them speak to Madi about my location. I think this is the best way to find Madi and it’s work!!! Madi told me to stay at the same place as he will come over and look for me.

Finally, I met up with Madi around 8pm and I am the only one who did not have dinner yet. I am starving to death. I told him about my intention to the Malaysia embassy on tomorrow morning so that I could divert my route in the journey.

Madi found a room for me to stay overnight for today, the place was next to the bicycle shop. But the price was a bit expensive for me as I travel budget, RM70 for one night. =.=