After found out that I have no chance to divert my route in Astana after visiting Malaysian Embassy. Now, I have to stick back my initial plan, which is cycling alone all the way to London. Theremore, I have one more day in Almaty with Madi, the next day I will start my journey to London. I am now halfway from Kuala Lumpur to London. I have checked my bicycle just now and my tyre was completely wear off, I have to find a bicycle shop to replace it.

Luckily I am with Madi and we quickly found a bicycle shop. The price is reasonable and I have changed the chain that I bring along with me and also new tyre. Since I also found out that the rear hub bearing have some issue, I change the hub and redo the wheel set 👍🏻.

Looks familiar? Is Kebab, but it was still not yet popular in Malaysia back to 2012. We bought some meat before heading up to the mountain to have a great scenery view.

The weather was still a bit cold during morning, but Madi and his friend was just wearing a T-shirt and they told me the weather is considered hot right now. Although I am wearing a jacket, it was still cold for me, I have to exercise more to keep my body warm.

I have no idea what species of the tree is, is it a pine tree?

I hope that this will be the last time I see the ice while on my way to London. The ice looks nice but actually not when you encounter it.

Nice weather in the afternoon and we were actually thinking of joining them for picnic 😆

Wow, 12% gradient, no joke. Luckily we come here by car, if not I will be sweating and tiring if riding my bike. Anyway, I have come so far, mountains road in China is more savage than here, especially the tunnel ride 🙂

Snowy mountain in front of me, the weather was quite cold now despite is already mid spring, I can  imagine how it looks like during winter time in Almaty.

Mayonnaise with bread, not bad actually, we were having a nice,healthy and simple dinner tonight.