After saying goodbye to Madi, I continue my journey to London. I had another 2 months + to reach London before the opening ceremony of the London Olympic and luckily I am on time for my current schedule.

My next stop is Bishkek, around 240km from Almaty. As I have set my daily limit on 160km, means that I have to find a place to sleep in between. If I push myself all the way to Bishkek, I might be exhausted and over the limit, better stick to my daily limit plan and be positive.

I saw many cows along the road and I believed that there must be food and water available somewhere along the road. I hope that I could find something to eat and a place to rest along the journey. 😁

So many hours I have been sitting on the brooks saddle and it was actually quite boring now. When I see a man riding on a horse, I just somehow trigger him to go for a sprint and see who will win, haha

🚲Vs🐎. We were at par during the beginning and the horse was slightly ahead of me but at the end the bicycle still overtook it, maybe the horse tired 😂. Enjoyed it!

I saw many structures like this on the way to Bishkek, I have no idea what it is until I saw one that closer to the road side, It was actually a cemetery.

I was trying my luck to find is there any small town or shop along the road so that I could have my lunch. I was almost 1pm in the afternoon and I am hungry right now. Unfortunately, I found nothing but only toilet stop. I could only found y water refill stop and I just stop by and have my bottle refill. All of my stuff was now made up to 60+kg of the bicycle weight.

This time I am lucky, found a small “pondok” on the road side, I just went inside and buy whatever I need.

This is my lunch for today, milk with barley and grains, good for health. The weather was sunny but cold.

I think I saw a wolf crossing the road, I am pretty sure is a wolf as I never seen a dog with big fluffy and long tail, maybe is husky, but I don’t know, haha.

This place seems like a long distance stop for lorry, (R&R in Malaysia), haha.

It’s already 5.30pm, I think I am done for today, getting dark now and I decided to stop and find a place to stay for tonight.

I am grateful that I could sleep here for tonight, at least not camp at the roadside.

Anyway, the shop owner invited me to sleep inside the dining place as it will be more comfortable than sleeping outside with the windy weather during night time.

The shop owner’s invited their friends to eat and drink party at 1am in the midnight, and it was too noisy and I can’t sleep at all =.=. I had to join them for the party then, HAHAHAHA…again we had a great conversation about my cycling expedition (English-Russian).

Damn, the meat was super nice and one of the best soft tender meat that I have ever had so far, is already late at night and I am not sure what time I will wake up during the next morning =.=.

Thanks for both shop owner that giving me a place to stay and wonderful meal for tonight.