My next stop: Bishkek, the capital and largest city of Kyrgyzstan. A nice weather to begin the journey for today. 

Along the road, I have encountered 5% 6% 12%, but those gradient doesn’t seems to be a challenge for me as I have encounter son many challenges  along the journey. 

Leopard King from far away.

I still remember that the curiosity on wondering what is below while looking out the window when travelling on the airplane. I wish that I could explore the world on the ground one day and the dream has finally come true.

Hmm, 24km more to Bishkek, maybe I shall stay a night in Bishkek and take a look on the city.

Arrived at the border, there were lots of cars queuing to cross the border. Should I just puss my bike forward or have to que with all the vehicles ? 

Anyway, my plan for this journey is to get a double entry visa into Kazakhstan and single entry visa to Kyrgyzstan. While looking at the map, Kyrgyzstan was beside Kazakhstan and I plan to go enter Kyrgyzstan and enter back to Kazakhstan again.   

I have no idea on the road sign, I think is written in Russian or what, it is really scratching my head.

Arrived at Bishkek, the country was part of the USSR, and under Soviet power from 1919 to 1991. I have visited National opera and ballet theater in Bishkek. The building look old but beautiful.

Lunch time. After visited some old building at Bishkek, I headed for lunch. I chose a normal road side restaurant and sit down for my lunch. Today my lunch menu is white radish beef noodle soup. They come with a cup of nescafe on my right, the taste was a bit different from having in Malaysia, I don’t know why, haha .

It was already 8pm, now only turning dark. I think when I arrived at London, maybe I can still see the sunlight on 8.30pm. 🙂 

Sceneries and building in Bishkek: