A handsome kid’s approach and sit beside me and have lunch with me. It was quite windy in the morning but the kid’s did not wear his top, maybe he is used to it. Let’s have lunch together before leaving Bishkek!

Everyone was born with different faith. The destiny is on your hand and depends on what kind of life you want to live with and how you going to change it.  I change my faith from time to time since I was young. 

Reaching the border crossing from Kyrgyzstan back to Kazakhstan. The border looks simple

The army border force approached me and asked my some simple questions like where I come from and where am I heading. I answer them that I am going to cycling to London for the summer Olympics, both of them were friendly and even allowed me to take a selfie together. The security check was smooth and just took me a short time on it. 

I think this place doesn’t seem to have any tourists except me :). I find this place very quiet, peaceful and friendly. 

Hmm, why a limousine park at here? Run out of diesel? 

I’m also a friendly person. I like to meet everyone around the world. I found a shop and stop by to have a quick refill and lunch. Also, have a nice chat with the young girl working at this store and get some information about the direction that I am heading. 

An abandoned plane park at the roadside. Whether the engine still attached?  I think it has turned into some restaurant inside or a place for children to play.

Another couple approach me for curiosity of my travelling. We were having a great chat although they did not really speak well in English. 

Finally, I found a store and the owner offered me for a stay for tonight. Nice 🙂

All her kids are grown up. 

I’m quite surprised and amazed that they did not cover up the bread, sugar, butter and jam. They just put on the table all day and surprisingly I could not spot any ants and flies around the table. 

Everyone will be sleep inside here for tonight, the mom sleep on the sofa while me and his son sleep together on the floor. It’s really warm in here, and I am truly grateful for the offer from this family. 

They both look like Chinese, maybe they migrated from China to here? I don’t know, haha. The mother did not want to accept any money from me. Anyway, I quietly put some cash inside the pot, hope she realise and don’t cook it 🙂