We should admit that all of us will celebrate with joy and pride when our athletes struck gold, silver and bronze medals. As a Malaysian, we stood united and cheered for the national contingent as true Malaysians, not as Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban or Kadazan. Our strength as a multicultural nation form in 1957 , leading up to the unification with Sabah and Sarawak in 1963, we have become strengthen

The lady must be thinking “Are you going to buy or just come and take photo…” The lady was selling many different grades of honey, you could find many stalls selling honey along the road. I have no idea what she explained, anyway I have bought 2 cans for my bread and the price was around RM20 for a small jar . I am not alone and we were cycling in

14th May 2012 (exactly 3 months since the first day from Kuala Lumpur). I met up with another 5 riders from Penang, we were heading to the same destination, London for the summer Olympic. I had contacted Mr En Bakar earlier that I will be joining them on their route but my visa was not approved during my detour to Astana, Kazakstan. It was really an coincidence as we have