The lady must be thinking “Are you going to buy or just come and take photo…” The lady was selling many different grades of honey, you could find many stalls selling honey along the road. I have no idea what she explained, anyway I have bought 2 cans for my bread and the price was around RM20 for a small jar .

I am not alone and we were cycling in a group of 6 right now. We were just having a short chat as most of the time we were busy enjoying the scenery now. One of our team, Mr Abdul Razak Khamis was the former Kedah cyclist ever join Asia Games 1974 in Tehran, Iran.

The weather suddenly turns from bright to dark. We keep pedalling and hope to find a good shelter and get some food. I can feel that we will be soak very soon. 

After the heavy rain, the weather was wet and cold. We stop by to have a rest and ask the local how far to our next stop. All of us were starving after cycling in cold and wet. 

Although all of us were hungry, we were still happy and in a good mood. We were happy to take a good photo as a memory before we depart.

Finally we found a nice place to set up our tent for tonight. The weather turns good and the sun is shining again. The place was surrounded by cow and I wonder could I squeeze some milk and drink for tonight?, HAHA…Anyway, after a simple dinner, we all went to sleep as all of us were tired after cycling for the whole day. 

Unfortunately, due to the light rain during midnight, my tent was wet as it was not waterproof. I can’t stand it and woke up very early in the morning…

After a quick snack in the morning, we packed all our stuff and departed for our journey. As you can see, a good camping spot was not easily reach..we have to climb over a small mountain in order to reach the main road. 

As the road was right handed since I enter China, I already forgot how to ride on the left hand side of the road.

Stop by for the water refill so that all of us could stay hydrated. They local pump their water from the underground and it was fresh. I wonder how much the government charge for the water..

30km more to the border city shymkent, Kazakhstan, and the city was near the border with Uzbekistan. I really hope that I could find a shop that sells a waterproof camping tent so that I could replace my tiny house.

Found a cute little boy, I wonder why he is whiter and fairer than me =.=

The wind was strong and the cloud and can gone suddenly 👆🏻