After a long ride, we finally reached, Shymkent, a city of Kazakhstan near the border with Uzbekistan. The city was the third most populous city in Kazakhstan behind Almaty and Nur-Sultan. The humidity in this area was mostly less than 50% and it was raining most of the time. I am desperately looking for a shop, which selling tent for me. For me, a tent is a house, a bungalow for me, I am enough for my current tent, which is the almost similar size of a coffin!! It’s really uncomfortable for me during camping, plus it was not waterproof, the tent will get wet and like an aquarium when heavy rain.

After an hour of searching and asking from the local, I finally found a shop to buy my “house”. 

I think you don’t need a truck in this country and all you need is guts while driving. I strongly believed that this car was pretty safe and no people dare to go closely. Drive like maniac…

We always found a great and safe spot for camping. This area was safe and peaceful. In order not be interrupted by passer during midnight. We decided not to set up a campfire at night. I think that I will have a great sleep tonight. 

They felt happy for me too when I finally bought my “bungalow”, the best property throughout my journey and I can carry it on my following trip.

It was the best value for this trip and also giving me thousands of great memories. 

We also have our “private pool” near our camp area, you couldn’t imagine the time when you jump inside the pond as you did not have a shower for a week. 

Lets briefly describe my new “bungalow”, it was 6ft x 6ft x 4ft height and you could have all the entertainment inside this tent. I can say it was better than the pigeon cube that the Hong Kong people living in. All in all, just have to make sure that you did not smoke inside as the whole things will be burn in split second… be cautious!!

A long wait for sunset, guess what, it was already 9.30pm, beautiful…