Arrived in Turkestan, a small city with around 100k population. 

I have no idea where the water came from, the road was full of grass and trees, I think maybe is from underground or somewhere…I have to figure it out!!

Guess what, the water was actually from a running drain!! Yes, from a drain…it was cold and chill, it was like the water you get from the alps, crystal clean and clear. It was really refreshing when you use it to wash our face, hand and legs.

As you can see, the water was running from the drain.

Ahhh…I found “soup kambing” along the road, I can’t believe that I could find it right here!! 

I am quite surprised why did they open a store around here? It was hardly see people passing by at this area, who will purposely come and eat at this place…hmmm 

Anyway, they use the traditional way to cook, cooking stove with woods, so that it takes time, definitely have to wait. 

It was worth the wait,  I have taken two bowls of this, take a look at the meat, it was so tender and juicy, they have put in a little spices and make the taste more delicious. Strongly recommended. Okay, who want to try this “Sup Kambing” kindly let me know, I can arrange a trip with more than 10 riders all the way to Kazakhstan!! HAHA

A sunny day without any clouds in the sky…can u spot a cloud? 

Here’s the real ‘cowboy’.

My next destination was Kyzylorda, another 300km from here….

I believe that everyone will have their own long term goal and normally it takes time and seems long and far to achieve it. I suggest that maybe we could find a short term goal first, when you achieved some of the short term goal, you might realize that you have come that far and reached a new milestone.

I know you would face many obstacles and challenges along the way, but you will also come across some sweet one to cheer you up again 🙂 

Pass by a school, those children’s was curious about my bicycle, it’s really fun to having a picture with them, they were excited and sometimes I really wish that I was a child and just live a simple life. We were happy although we are not able to communicate or understand each other.

It spells “TURKISTAN”.

Hmmmm….. im not sure is it a good idea to see camel here? It there a huge desert in front of me??

My water was running out, I have to find a place to refill was water in order to get hydrated. 

Look at this road, nice and straight, you can’t see the end. You can do anything on this road, landing/ take off a plane, ironman challenge with your TT bike and high profile wheel or testing your hypertune car and test you maximum speed here, rather than cycling on a bicycle at 30km/h with 60kg stuff on it…. =.=

This place was so remote and you can only see one or two car passing by once in a while.

Maybe someone knows that I am ran out of water and they send a beauty in the middle of nowhere..hmm

A tortoise passing a street. It reminds me of the story of a competition between a rabbit and tortoise. Although the tortoise knew that the journey to the end was far, but he will keep going until he reaches the goal no matter how slow he is. Hence, I understand that my journey was far and I was just travelling by bicycle but as long as I keep pedaling and focus on my direction, I will definitely arrived at my destination in one day. I have set up a clear goal for me when I was in Thailand, I told myself that I should not give up whenever anything happens, what I can do is to reach London and it was the only way to go back to Malaysia. 

It’s look like mosque from far, when I get closer, it looks like some people’s house but it’s actually cemetery…hmmm