We reach Zhanakorgan”, a small district in southern Kazakhstan. It’s spell “ “ZHANAKORGAN”, not  MAHAKOPFAH…HAHA

I think all of the kids around here are pro in riding their bicycles as I notice many of them did not have the braking system but they still handle it very well.  

Okay, I have to stop and take a photo of this, my favorite BMW E34. This car is the third generation of the BMW 5 Series, which was produced from 1987 until 1996. I owned this before, it was really a great car and good smell of v8…

We found a hiding spot to camp for tonight in this small town. The camp site is located on cow dung collection port. We camp beside the barricade wall as it was the perfect spot to hide from being seen. Tonight’s dinner is a loaf of bread with honey. 

It was dry and hot this evening, we have been waiting for hours for the sun to go down…

Not everyday that we could get a good camping spot. Sometimes the camping places was hot and cry, sometimes without water supply nearby. Most of the time just set up the camp and have a good rest until the next day. 

Pack everything on the next morning and clean up the camp site. As a responsible person, I carry along the plastic and rubbish to throw away and recycling 🙂

Sometimes we get some visitors to our camp. A good nature environment.

We have reach Kyzylorda region and we found a huge cemetery along the road. We met a warm and friendly cemetery operator and he invited us to have some tea and rest in their home.

They served us some bread and snacks, we did not stay here and move forward to the nearest town before the separate our route.