I have to make sure that the ground was clean and clear without any obstacles because there might be branches fell from the trees, stones, or some hard objects on the ground. Therefore, clearing the ground is a must, if not I will feel uncomfortable when sleeping inside the tent, I might also afraid that it might tear the bottom of the tent if I did not check properly. 

Okay, I am back to solo after Kyzylorda. I am hitting 170km on my daily routine again. After learning from my fellow team mate earlier, I am applying my skills on finding a safe and good spot for camping while cycling. 

If you look closely to the world map, the sea water was almost covered 70% of our planet, left 30% of the land, which we were currently living on it. Although the world population was more than 7 billions, there were still plenty of land which is unoccupied, therefore I think that  

If really zoom closely in the world map, 70% covered by sea water. out of the 30% land, not much land occupied by population. Therefore, I think that it’s quite convenient to sleep everywhere rather than find a hotel here..😉

My meal everyday is either oat with dry raisins and nuts or soup pasta with spices…The most importantly is to fill up my bottles before entering the camp site so that I could stay hydrated, Apart from that, I also bring along a small stove which could burn with petrol or diesel, that only will cost me less than RM1 for full canister…In case of emergency, I also have a portable ceramic water filter to filter from any water sources in case I couldn’t find clear water…

Look, there’s maid on the street…Oh wait, they were actually school uniform…What am I thinking now …haha

The whole trip to London was not an easy task, you have to face dozens of challenges such as strong winds and severe weather. The road conditions were really bad now, the surface was uneven, my bike was bumping and shaking.  

In order to make sure that I am heading the correct direction, I will write down all the town names in sequence on a piece of paper when I pass by a signboard. It also easy for me to ask for directions by doing this. With the distance on the signboard, I can be able to plan and visualize my travelling. For example Aktobe is 890km ahead so that I might reach there in 5 days… 🙂  

The weather was getting hot and dry. It was hardly see any plants over here. I couldn’t see any things ahead in my offline Google map…I was almost hitting my daily mileage. I have to locate a spot to camp in the next few miles ahead…

The road condition was really bad, maybe the government will paving the road in the next few years? 

Finally I found a railway on the map but I need to push my bicycle through the sand, my bike and stuffs was super heavy and the road was difficult to pass thru… It has took me almost an hour under the sun. Tired and exhausted, I saw a small house beside the railway. I admit that I am really a lucky guy as the railway operator agreed to allow me to stay for a night as his place..:) 

I was offered to stay in one of the rooms, It was really cozy and I was grateful and happy that I can sleep here rather than sleeping in a tent on the hard ground