The Korean war monument at battery Park. The main war between South and North Korean in 1950 to 1953. This war has wounded nearly a million soldiers and an estimation of more than millions of civilians being killed. Hopefully no war in the future, peace…

General William Tecumseh Sherman Monument

General William Tecumseh Sherman Monument is an equestrian statue of American Civil War Major General William Tecumseh Sherman located in Sherman Plaza, which is part of President’s Park in Washington, D.C., in the United States.

Plan to have a visit to liberty island to see the famous statue of liberty, but the folding bicycle is not allowed to onboard the ferry…plus the queue was so long and you can’t see the end. Decided to come back next time. Anyway, I still could see the statue from far away, did you know the statue was a gift from France?

Empire state building, can’t imagine that this building was built in 1931 and it was one of the tallest building for 40 years. Really impress the engineering work of US back then. Every time I pass by, I could remember tons of Hollywood movies…Oh ya, King Kong use to jump from the top of the building

A billionaire president in the United States, wonder how many properties did he own in the US.

Wow, this Halloween decoration really impresses me, wonder how they did it!

You can see the shops and houses was all decorated for Halloween.