I am currently 600km North West from New York City, Buffalo. Autumn is really a good time to travel, the weather is nice and the scenery was beautiful during this season. Thanks to @Yip Yong Koon for reminded me is a must to visit Niagara Falls since I’m here in NYC. Niagara Falls is the largest is Horseshoe Falls, which straddles the international border between Canada and the United States. While arriving at Niagara Fall, it reminds me of the Superman Movie, starring Christopher Reeve in 1978, the Superman fly down to the waterfall to rescue a kid falling from up there. People always mentioned that America has the fall while Canada has the view, but for me I am already satisfied with the view from America side.

“The best chicken wings in the world?”. Here is the founder of buffalo wings and stated down how she made it in 1964. I am going to taste it now 🙂

The taste was hot and spicy and the sauce tastes like tabasco.

The entry fees to the Niagara falls only cost $2. U have to take the bus from Buffalo to the falls and is scheduled on time. There were more than millions of cubic feet of water goes over the crest of the falls every minute, the falls was so strong and everyone around here could feel the mist of the water by just standing on the viewing deck.

Also, don’t forget to visit this place during winter as it will add another dimension of beauty of Niagara falls. With the sub-zero temperature every year, the fall will transfer to a frozen landscape unlike any other. You could take a step further to enjoy the frozen falls with nightly illumination. There were over 2 millions lights and over a hundred of animated light display, I think it’s definitely a best experience for family and friends.

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A dumb person like me just continusly looking at the flowing water and keep thinking that why the water is keep flowing down and never end.

Apart of the 20 hours flights from Malaysia, another challenging part for me is the accommodation expenses but I was able to sort it out with almost cost me zero$ during the whole trip (2 weeks plus). As I have checked for the average low rate accommodation here is more than RM500 per night !!