Throughout this journey, I have found out that traveling alone was much more convenience and enjoyable. It was easy for me to plan which direction should I go, how far is the distance, when and where to stop, where and when to eat. It was totally 100% freedom without getting any opinion by others, I could do whatever I want, just enjoying my own daily planning for my journey to London.

When I wish to pedal on a flat road, mountains are ahead of me. When I wish to pedal on mountains roads, I get flat roads in the following days…It was really tiring when I need to pedal every stroke to climb uphill, but It you will enjoyed the downhill ride after a long suffering climbs.

A donkey and a horse crossing the road, wish I have something to fed my friends

I like flat area the most; it was the best way for me to spot anything, as the view is clear with no distraction. It was good for me to check out any interesting and best spot nearby the road so that I could set up my tent. By the way, this is the safe distance from the main road to set up the tent, definitely having a good sleep tonight.

The total weight included everything that I am carrying was around 65kg, it need some strength to accelerate from stop point, however when the speed built up, it become smooth with just little effort of pedaling, they called it cruising.

The sun shinning bright in the afternoon, as the weather become warmer, it will need more strength to pedal, this is the situation that I am facing everyday. When the sun stood in the middle of the sky, I already knew that there is nothing to worry about at this point, I just need to continue pedaling and enjoying the surrounding nature. My lunch plus dinner will be ahead when I arrived my next stop.

Glad to travel so many countries and experience so many things. The earth nature is truly amazing; you can experience a place full with snowy mountains and a large piece of flat land that you have to cross it several days. Look at this, you guys should come over here and roll. This flat land was so big that I could not see the end.

Not everyday is a good day, I need to stay hibernate so that I could get a good rest ahead. Most of the time due to some bad road condition in the past few days and I am totally exhausted. I believed that there will be a nice food ahead.

As long as I hit my daily mileage and found a good spot to set up my tent, I will call it a good day. I will not push my self to the limit unless I face some unexpected condition.

Many people would think that this food is unhealthy but I would call it a meal for me. Two big sausages plus some macaroni, one of the best meals ever had…HAHA On the other hand, water was important for me, I could not continue my journey without any water, it was ok for me to carry more weight for the water, it’s precious for me when I was thirsty.

The sky was turning dark now; I think tonight might be encounter for heavy storms, hope that my tent could stand for the strong wind.