On 16 March, Our Prime Minister has made a televised speech and officially promulgated the restricted activities also known as MCO (Movement control Order) after the spread of CoronaVirus Epidemic. After the announcement of MCO, everywhere was quiet and standstill, it looked like a zombie apocalypse, haha. What I could do is read the news via my smartphone everyday and see what was happening around the world. Luckily we were living in the digital age, every information could get split second by checking out your smartphone, imagine if this event had happened back on 30 years ago, what would you do in this period then? This is one of the deadly viruses that our human being is currently facing. This virus could be spread during close contact when people cough or sneeze, it could also spread when the person touches a contaminated surface and then their face.

The virus could live on surfaces for up to 72 hours and the time of exposure generally between two to fourteen days.

During the MCO, closure of all government and private premises except those involved in essential services/ Thus, all of the individuals except those involved in essential services were required to stay at home during this period. However, with the rise of the case and seem there is no slow down, Covid-19 pandemic left the Prime Minister no choice but to extend the MCO, which was supposed to end on March 31 to 14 April, another 14 days.

I have found a good checklist for you guys, each individual please stay at home and monitor your daily health as above point system.

The senior minister has mentioned that Only the head of families or one person from each family is allowed to leave their home and buy essential or medical items during the MCO period. Apart from that, PDRM has also mentioned that anyone who disobeys this could be subject to a penalty of RM1000 or jail up to six months, remember guys, don’t lepak outside.

Grocery time, I have to wear an approved mask, always wash your hand with hand soap and avoid touching the item such as the handrail at the stairs or escalator. Luckily I got some mask before this lockdown period, always be prepared, I am proud of myself, haha.

For the safety purchaser, I will only drive to the nearest supermarket which is less than 1.5km from my house to refill my grocery. After buying the grocery in my checklist from the supermarket, I will place all of the items outside the main door for disinfection. Studying from the internet, it stated that the virus could stay in the plastic for 5 days, I don’t know whether it is true or not, I will not take any chances. Each time I went out will refill my grocery for last about 7 days.

Sleeping and waking up time did not change even MCO did not allow me to travel to work.

As you can see, this is my regular exercise in indoor, it is good to maintain my healthy lifestyle

I grew up from the kitchen and I like to eat. I prefer cooking rather than ordering foods. I felt for hygiene, healthier and cheaper while cooking at home.

Simple cooking will do. Put some vegetables and chicken in the pan and start to cook it. My meal is simple and fast, each meal is ready within 30 minutes alternated with rice and noodles.

To improve the taste, ginger, small and onions, garlic, spices, sea salt, black pepper, oil, fish sauce, oyster sauce is the basic in my meals

For girls, can be cut or trim once a year. But for guys, 1 month 1-2 times. During this MCO, all barber shops are closed. I have been using this more than 15 years. Its more convenient with less than 10 minutes.

Apart from that, I will do some daily housekeeping such as arrange the food in the fridge, clean up the kitchen, laundry, have some reading, browse the internet, chat with friends and cook. This is normally what I did to fill up the entire day during MCO.

The covid 19 epidemic looks like a ‘silence world war 3’ to me. The whole city is silent and the earth is curing itself right now.

Anyway, all I can do is follow the MCO and hope the virus will stop spreading and everything could end soon. Really hope that I could bring my bicycle to cycling one round in one day.