I thought it was a horse far away as it has so many different colors and textures. However, when it comes to a closer look, the truth is, it was a camel, I really can’t believe that it looks so different!!

I can’t believe my eyes again as it really caught my attention even during the windy condition, there is a thing that is rolling from all directions, from left and right. As I came closer, I was curious how an animal dung could roll by itself?? It turned out to be some kind of bug trying to take it as a meal. The bug gather it and roll the dung like a snowball, push it to a safer place by using their back leg, kind of doing acrobatics…haha

My whole body included my legs and hands were numb and pain after a long ride on uneven and stone gravel road. I can describe that my whole body has become an absorber…Finally, I reach a small town but I couldn’t pronounce it

The total distance of my journey was an estimated 18,000km and I would break it down around 150-200km per day. I would start my day with 30 to 40km with higher pace to warm up my body and at least I could also roughly hit a quarter of my daily target distance. I will maintain my good pace for the following second and third quarters. The last quarter will be easy and relax for me to find a place to rest or sleep.

I have to start from zero again although I had hit my daily target yesterday. I had to start it all over again everyday from zero km.

One of my spokes at the rear wheel had snapped and broke after hitting 9000km. I think it might be due to the weight that I carry and also the uneven roads. Luckily I worked as a mechanic in a bicycle shop before, I had acquired some skills. This was just a small problem for me. I also brought some spare parts with me just in case some unexpected things might happen. Lucky me.

Sometimes, I have to stop and wait no matter how fast or slow I cycle. Many things are unpredictable just like this pandemic, it would be helpful as I would be able to learn all the skills and start all over again from zero.