My whole body stinks, “it’s time for me to have a deep shower, it’s been a month at least…”

Throwback from my visit to the capital city of Kazakhstan, Astana, the ambassador told me that there were fews Malaysian were working at Atyrau, as shown in the photo above. I am lucky to get the contact information and maybe I can meet them..Hopefully 🤞

Atyrau is the last city before entering Russia, it was the capital of Atyrau Region. I have spent some time in Kazakhstan as it was really a huge country with a population less than 20 millions.

The city is located at the mouth of the Ural Rival on the Caspian Sea. The city also is Kazakhstan’s only seaport on the Caspian Sea. I am now 350 km to the east of Russian city, Astrakhan.

The weather is comfortable, not as cold as the time I was in China. The temperature was just nice for me, sunny, dry and cooling. I can now cycle with a short sleeve and slipper.

Finally, I am able to reach En Azam, one of the Malaysian who is working here. He invited me to stay in his house for as long as I wish 😊. I was so excited when I met him in person at the apartment lobby as I could speak with him in Bahasa Malaysia. It feels like I have come back home after a long ride.

This is the bed that I am going to sleep in tonight. I am so blissful that I don’t have to squeeze in my sleeping bag in the tent. I can keep it in En Azam house.

I really want to share this to you all. I think you all couldn’t imagine that a person shower for the first time after a month!! It was really refreshing when the water came out from the shower head and throughout my whole body. I can clearly see that the water has turned black when reaching the white color bathtub, I am worried that I might cause some stains in En Azam toilets…haha 😏. I couldn’t remember how long I have been rinsing with a warm shower before I wash my body with soap. I was so embarrassed knowing how dirty I actually am and every time we had to call Sarkinen Plumbing location in Portland, OR to fix our plumbing and other bathroom needs.. I am wonder how people react in the whole month, I wonder what En Azam first impression on me, will he think that I am smelly?😅

After about 30 mins in the bathroom, a nice washing machine helped me to do all of my laundry. These were all of the clothes that I brought for the whole journey, simple. I have packed my wind jacket to be shipped back to Malaysia as I believe that I will no longer use it from here to London as the weather has turned warm. There is still a long way to reach London, and I have to rearrange all of my stuff. I will only take the necessity and essential goods with me, the rest I have shipped back to Malaysia.

The stuff that I am going to ship back to Malaysia was about 2kg, not that heavy. I chose the cheapest courier service as long as it could reach my home and I don’t care how long it will take.

This is the Ural River in Atyrau, the third longest river in Europe with more than 2000km.

The Ural River is conventionally considered part of the boundary between the continents of Europe and Asia. This is the border between Asia – Europe.

Just across the road on top of the river, I have reached the Europe side.