I decided to take a break for today after a long ride. Today will be free and easy in Atyrau, I can go wherever I want.

There is a modern and good looking mall located within walking distance from Mr Azam’s apartment. Very convenient for Mr Azam’s as he could buy some groceries or daily necessity from here.

Hmm, all I can say is the toilet culture between Kazakhstan and China is quite the same. They will not bother if they have big business at the same time. There is no partition and door to divide the urinal and toilet bowl. Just imagine when you pee while 2 of your friends is sitting on the toilet bowl and looking at you.

By the way, I could not find the bidet spray in the toilet, maybe they do not practice to wash it by using bidet spray.

I am not a flower specialist, is this morning glory? Can someone tell me?

Wait a minute…I thought it was McDonald’s from far…
Ok, is Mc Magic’s, I wonder if they serve Big Mac or Happy meal?

Wow, there were so many people here, I could say this is the most crowded place that I have seen so far in Kazakhstan, as I have mentioned before, Kazakhstan has one of the lowest population density in the world. Their faces are unique, I just walk around and see what they are selling, I am wondering what they are talking about even though I don’t understand their language at all.

Friday prayer as usual. Majority of the population in Kazakhstan in Muslim, about 70%, most Muslims in the country are Sunnis.

Renaissance Hotel, hope that I could stay here for one night. Haha