I have left Malaysia for this journey for almost 4 months, finally I am able to meet a group of Malaysian families who are working abroad in Atyrau. I am lucky to be invited by them with the very warm Malaysian conversation that I truly miss in these four months, together with the super delicious home cook nasi lemak and sup kambing😋😋😋, I miss it so much!

I had refilled 3 times without any hesitation, haha. You should know, this is my favourite food, I have missed it for 4 months! Hahah

By the way, I also sneak inside the kitchen and saw one of the Kazakhstan delicious dish😋😋😋 I had “curi makan” abit.

Working abroad is always not an easy task. I had worked in Singapore for several years and I know the feeling, you have to leave everything behind and sacrifice a lot. A part of that, you also have to cope with the new environment, different people, culture, etc.

It’s really a good gathering and I had a very long conversations with them.

I share with them how I went for the toilet during my journey while I was exploring people’s toilets. I also share with them where I sleep during the journey, they all keep silent and I think that they might think that I am crazy.