I was glad that they invited me for a family picnic on the next day with all the kids. I am so happy to see all the Malaysian kids

This was really a big gathering, there were mini buses, vans and cars. We were travelling out of town to a nice picnic area.

We, the adults, were preparing some picnic games for the kids, while the locals were preparing BBQ.

I don’t know what it’s called, is it Mee Jawa or Mee laksa ayam? Looks yummy!

The lunch is served in potluck, each family has prepared their own cooking. I have never seen so much food in these four months, this was paradise.

Shashlik (similar to shish kebab) is everyone’s favourite, it’s come with chicken, mutton, and beef tender with marinated herbs. The taste was extraordinary and juicy.

For me, the most delicious and important part is the yellow part. It smells and tastes so good when you put into your mouth.

This is actually a good idea for camping, I could learn this for next time!

This photo was taken a night before the picnic. As Atyrau is the third biggest refinery in Kazakhstan, there were numbers of oil and gas multinational companies around this city. I was interviewed by all the oil and gas engineers experts. We had a great long night.

While today I was interviewed by another group of up coming young oil and gas engineers. They have a lot of questions asking on my journey. I couldn’t able to answer some of the questions regarding on the geography area, the even give a picture map for me to explain,

I was so happy and proud after the interview session and I was given a KZ cap by the engineer as encouragement for my following journey to London. Thank you so much for the invitation on this lovely picnic. It was also a great sharing session.

Although it has quite some time, I really wish that I could come back and meet all of them with a wonderful picnic. We took a group photo and ended with good memories of lots of malaysia foods and lovely games.