It was a great sunny day to leave Atyrau.

I am leaving the city toward the town near the Russian border.

No worries, all my clothes have been washed, it’s smells really good, HAHAHA

I am ready to go, bye Atyrau.

Flat land again, am I going to cycle on this flat land for the whole day? From morning till now, I have been cycling under the sun, I could only meet a few cars that pass by around here. This is the view on my left, it is the same from morning until now.

On the other hand, this is the view on my right…nothing else

I still remember Tim (my mentor/ sifu) has taught me about camouflage/ stealth camping rules. Firstly, you need to find a safe spot to pitch a tent. He mentioned that the safe spot to pitch a tent should be away from humans. He explained that camping beside the road is dangerous as the person might be exposed to many unwanted possibilities, such as the car might crash on your tent, noisy environment might affect your sleep, earlier passerby might come back later night and robbed you.

Therefore, you have to look for a place which is fully camouflaged. However, in this type of flat land in Kazakhstan, I could even see the view more than dozen of kilometers away…where should I pitch up my tent….hmmm

I kept thinking about this matter while cycling. After some time, I noticed there are some tombstones (small sand dunes graveyard) about 1-3km away from the main road. Without hesitation, by making sure no people notice me, I quickly cycle toward the tombstones and set up my tent behind it. Luckily, the height of my tent is lower than the tombstones, I think no one will notice there is a person sleeping behind it. Sleeping in this place is truly quite, you could hear some insect’s sound and I believed no one will come to this place at night unless I heard some special Malaysian chinese would go to the graveyard at night to ask for the 4D numbers…HAHA

After setting up the tent, I am cooking my regular dinner at a very slow pace just to pass my time. Every single night, I will rearrange and clean up my luggage as well as doing stock take on my backpack so that I could know how much dry food I left.