At last, I think I am reaching the border of Russia, and it is the last place in Kazakhstan after spending almost one month in this country. Can anyone understand or translate for me the name of the signboard? I couldn’t pronounce it.

If you would like me to guess, I would say it looks like a bus stop. However, I did not see any person waiting here even though I saw this thing many times along the road.

Each of these buildings came with different drawings and patterns. I think there is no need to place a dustbin over there since there are no people around here. Maybe the bus only comes once a week, who knows 🙂

Less than 50km to hit my target for today, I am slowing down the pace and enjoying the flat land.

Finally, this was the happiest moment when I saw houses and river, It’s either I have to find somewhere near the water source and set up my tent over there or trying my luck to see whether someone allow me to stay at their place for tonight 😉

I think it is normal to anyone but I just try my best to capture one of these grasshoppers. Actually there were thousands of its flying around on top of a building that I have pass by, I have no idea what happened, it was quite scary

Good evening to everyone, the sun is going down soon.

I don’t have any plan on where I should stay tonight, I’m just cycling forward. There are water sources along the road, this is my Plan A, I could find a safe spot by using my instinct, so far 100% good and safe. Moreover, I got my portable water filter, it would be no problem for me. For plan B, if I am lucky enough, I’m normally welcome to stay overnight at people’s houses by using my good “tagline”.

I reach a stall and quickly run in and close the doors. This area is full of flying insects, it was very irritating although it didn’t bite or cause itchy, but they would follow you and mingle around your head.
I am not sure what kind of insect it is, it looks like a normal bug and might not be harmful but it looks uncomfortable to me. Look at the photo, do you feel itchy now?

This mini stall is selling some basic grocery and allowing you to dine in with some light foods, hot drinks and beers.

I did ask the people who sit on the next table about those flying insects. Although they did explain to me, I couldn’t understand their language 😅. The best thing is they offer me to stay at their house for few days if I don’t mind as their house is just nearby. I feel like I am the luckiest person in the world

You guys might be wondering how we could get along although we could not communicate in the same language? HAHAHAHA

After we finished watching TV, the sofa that the family sat on turned into bed, they provided me with a pillow and blanket for more comfort.

The kids wanted me to stay longer in their house, it has made me think about my daughter (Hong Yan), although she was not as older as them, but I could imagine how she looks when grown up. I have taken a nice memory photo with them as my mission is to reach London and get my ticket back to Malaysia.