After cycling around 70km from the border, I reached Astrakhan. This is the southern and also the lowest city of Russia based on sea level.

This seems like a big town to me after I left Atyrau. One of the best things for me is those small insects totally disappear when I reach here. By the way, I am busy looking for the head net just to prevent encountering those insects again.

While I am looking for the head net, a lady passes by and we have a chat, she offers me to stay in her place :). It was really great as I might look for a budget hostel for a stay, I am not planning to camp around this town. I am planning to have a deep rest for today and explore this city before going full speed since I was only approved with a 9 days visa in Russia!

After a while, the people over there introduced a lady who was wearing the tudung. She spoke very little English but I could understand some while looking at her expressions. Once she knows that I am cycling from Malaysia, she immediate ask her friends to join in our conversation, Hahaha

This is the son of the lady sister’s, he will be my tour guide in this town. hehe

I am feeling grateful as someone willing to offer the place for me to stay.

Going out for a walk after settling down everything.

The local is selling some old/unwanted stuff beside the river.

It might have some good stuff if you could spend some time looking on it, but not for today. I couldn’t carry those things as I am only riding a bicycle. Furthermore, I did not speak Russian and it will be difficult to negotiate the price.

It seems like those things was the collection from the seller, I think it might be their hobby during the younger age and they decided to sell it now

A small and simple bicycle shop.

Wow, can’t believed that I can found my head cover netting here

At the end of the street, I found an ATM machine and I withdrew some money for food.

I have withdrawn 2000 Russian Ruble, it was around 100 Ringgit during that time, but the service charges were very high for overseas withdrawal.

4 signboard in one pillar, hmm, seem like very hard to understand.

Tiles mural, nice!