It was so much fun walking around in the busy streets while people was speaking in their language that I did not understand.

“mari , mari, mari” just pick what you want, no need to choose, I wish to taste all of it but I don’t know what it tastes like..

The stall owner doesn’t look like Russian, maybe Asian, Thai? Haha, just my imagination.

Wow, this market not only selling beef and mutton, you could find camel and horse meat here, wish to buy some and try but I have no place and also no idea how to cook, haha

I have spent almost the whole day loitering around this city. By the way, is this a mosque?

Have a closer look. It is a Russian Orthodox Church.

This thing is so sweet, it costs around RM2.50 per cup, the price I still can accept.

I am not an expert, can you tell me are these orchids or morning glory?

Some of the fruits and vegetables are new for me, I did not see it before, maybe it was only available in certain regions. I wanted to buy everything in the market and try it. Those people might feel strange as I am busy taking photos of those fruits and vegetables that they think are regular over here. 😂

You can always ride a horse if you did not own a car here. Just kidding, haha!