Now I might think that those young girls with long hair could easily drop everyday and their mom needs to swipe the floor. Their mum has made a good choice by cutting off all their hairs. HAHAHA

The lovely little tour guide and her mom are having me stay in their home, I wish that I could come back and find them in the future. I will have to sleep in the tent if I do not meet them.

Normally I would like to sit beside the people who prepare food, not because I want to give and hand but to learn what they were cooking😂. I might prepare the same food when I go back to Malaysia.

The little kid is the big boos now, the family was running a meat store down the street. The meat looks fresh and I would like to take some, haha just kidding.

Walking on the street during the night time with the neighbours

Russian Mcdonald, I couldn’t understand Russian, just point on the picture what you want.

Here are some buildings in Astrakhan at night. Looks old but nicely maintained.

We have been walking a long way from their home to the city, and most of the people here prefer walking and taking transport. I think mostly because of the weather, I think I could walk more than 5km if the weather is good. Imagine you walk 1km during the afternoon in Malaysia, your whole body is sweating like you have taken a shower, hahaha.

I sat down and took a rest while looking at the scenery around here. I have come so far from my hometown. I have been cycling alone all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Russia🚴🏻‍♂️, I really couldn’t believed that I had went so far and definitely there is no turning point from here. My destination to London is solid.

My next destination is Rostov-On-Don. It will take around 800km from Astrakhan by using the R216 route. I estimated that it will take around 5 days to reach the destination by crossing some village and desert. Stay tuned for my next episode 🙂