This is my food that I bought along the way, and looks healthy.

Looks cloudy in the afternoon, hope there is no rain today or else it would be difficult for me to cycling

You can’t believed is already 9pm at night, the skies is clear now

Antique monuments along the way…Is been here at least more than hundreds year I think

Is a long way to go until the next city. I never think about what is going to happen, what will I encounter along the journey, what should I eat, where should I sleep. What I do is just pedalling and take a rest for awhile when i am tired.

Wow, a huge vessel passing under a bridge is mesmerizing while looking at it.

What I like about travelling is to meet different people around the world as communicating with the language that I don’t understand is always fun for me. We were trying our best to make each other understand what we were going to deliver.

It is good to know before and after the process of this fruit, want to have some?

I think this is the safest place to camp, just kidding..

Hi kitty, be polite, patient and persistent, food will be served very soon.

A huge wheat field along the way, breathtaking. Are they going to harvest it soon?

Ok, what we have here, pickles and Vodka for Euro Cup 2012 in Russia

Visited local worship places, small but nice interior design and decoration.

We were living under a same roof, no matter what language we are speaking, friendly people everywhere.

Russian national car…quite classic, you can see it everywhere..

Continue to take a look along the way..

Attractive road signs.

Oh shit, there is no more cement road in front…am I going to go through this?? When there is no choice…my butt will be really hurt after this…