There are some thoughts flashing in my mind once a while when cycling. Sometimes I will think and question myself that why and how am I going to get started on this journey, it is not a simple task. After months of cycling and now I am soon entering Ukraine, I have successfully completed more than halfway of my journey, I can proudly tell my daughter that “everything is possible, dream possible, do not give up and be positive!”

I strongly believe that there will be no more high mountains and extreme weather that I have encountered in China from here all the way to the UK. It was really a challenging nightmare while travelling in the high elevation of mountain road in China. I hope it will be a flat road all the way.

I have no idea what it is , can anyone tell me? Is that the grass to be rolled up and bring it to the farm and feed the horse?

It’s been 4 months since I left Malaysia and began my journey, everything is still in good shape. The most important thing is I still can maintain my hairstyle in good shape! 👍🏻

Found few statues and monuments along the road, it’s all about the memories of the war and lost soldiers. Hope the world is free with war and lives in peace.

I have bumped up with French couple who were also cycling along the way in Russia. They were curious about my heading direction and where I came from.

I don’t know what’s is mean as I am unable to understand French but I have to make sure that I have to enter Ukraine by today before my Russian Visa expired

All the while cycling on the left lane in Malaysia but cycling on the right lane direction has become a norm starting from Laos all the way to here. I will make sure I cycle on my furthest right on the white line for my own safety. Luckily, all the while the traffic was not busy and the motor vehicles will slow down and travel at low speed when passing by me 👍🏻.

Those vehicles have to pump in either petrol or diesel in order to travel while I’m travelling free by cycling my bicycle.

Wow, look at these sunflowers, they are bigger than my palm!

Nice weather in the evening, I am enjoying the windy evening while cycling along the fully tall grass

I am now crossing the river that divided Russia and Ukraine. Goodbye Russia, Ukraine here I come!!