Finally, I have reached Ukraine, this custom in Ukraine was not as busy as Bukit Kayu Hitam, the immigration was smooth and easy to pass.

The bike stand which was given by the bicycle shop at Kampar, Perak is still working great now!! It was a simple hook to hold the stand whenever the bike starts to roll

Ukraine, the second largest countries in Europe, former country of Soveit Union. Russian is widely spoken over here. I hope that they can accept Russian Ruble around here since I still have some in my pockets. Wish I could use it to get some foods

My next destination is Odessa, one of the populous cities and tourist spots in Ukraine. I feel that it was not far from here, I think I could reach there very soon, just my thoughts…haha.

I got a private message from a follower who asked me what navigation that I have been using during the whole journey. This is my humble answer, I have written down the few major cities and towns that I will pass by for each country in the paper. I will use the sun as my compass and ask the local people for the direction if available. If there is a mobile signal, I will try to turn on the mobile data for a while to check for the Google Map to cross check whether I am on the right track. I will try my best to conserve my phone battery for taking photos and video as I know that there is a very limited place for me to recharge the battery since power banks are not popular during that time.

This is the east of Ukraine

This is the south view at Ukraine

I am now near to the sea of Azov. Someone has told me that the sea will freeze for 1 to 2 months during winter. This sea is the shallowest sea in the world, which is only less than 20 meters. I wonder if people could just dive to the bottom of the sea easily, haha.

I suggest everyone should try this, putting some mayonnaise in the soup, is actually not bad at all!!

I have to fill up my stomach first in order to have a good rest. I am going to find a good spot to set up my tent after that.

I have found a good spot for tonight, this place is the best view of the sea of Azov. This sea is quiet and no waves, I am enjoying the wind blowing from the sea..

What am I going to do now as the sun only set at 9pm… still early now..hmm