I think I am now staying at a higher latitude, that’s the reason why I am feeling very strange that the night is so short as the sun was completely set around 9pm+. As you can see in the photo, it was only 5.40am and the sky was already completely bright. Amazing!!

This campside is one of the best along the journey, it is so quiet and peaceful when camping at the seaside, I wish that I could have a chance to camp here for another night so that I could go down the cliff and swim in the sea…HAHA

Everything is set and it’s time for me to hit the road, the destination to London is still clear. Great scenery and weather ahead !!

The road is like a roller coaster, I have been riding up and down during the whole morning. Anyway, it was a great start to click some mileage in my pocket. The traffic today is very low and I can barely see the car passing by. I could tug in for more aero position and bring up the average speed, it was really fun !!

Good morning guys! Can anyone tell me what is ahead today?

Looks like I have arrived in another town. Even though I have plotted in the name of some major city and town for each country in a piece of A4 paper for my navigation, do you ever think that how am I going to pronounce and read these fancy alphabet sign boards to make sure that I am on the correct path?

I think I can have more choices for my breakfast here, after all is a quite big town here

Hmm, wonder how big the fish that they could catch. Luckily I am not in this hobby, or else I will be spending most of the time fishing when I see a lake / pond along the way..

Let’s have a city tour, actually this city is nothing much to see, not that big, like Ipoh. Feel like going to the cinema to have a movie. I am wondering how many seats in a hall and how many halls in this cinema. What does the movie ticket look like? Any popcorn to serve? HAHA

This place is called “Mariupol’ Ukraine, a medium size city located in south eastern Ukraine.

I could hardly see any tourists here, I think I am the only one looking strange to them. I think those people who sit here to sell flowers are smart. Look at those massive rough humps on the road, the vehicles have to go very slow on this road and this is the chance for them to sell those flower to the customer…good idea..HAHA

Anyway, I couldn’t find anything fancy to eat…Heading out of the town now….

I did not use any single drop of moisturiser or any UV protection cream in the whole journey, I think I am part of the animal…indeed, I am an animal, hahaha

I was wondering what is the meaning of the signboard, I can understand their language, it is hard to read and pronounce, haha, can anyone help me on this??