Applying for a visa upon arriving for some country is easier because you don’t need to spend time applying before departing. Before applying for the visa, you have to make sure the information such as date of entering and leaving is accurate as well as the entering reason and place of staying. As I am travelling by land and I can say not all of the immigration can apply for a visa on the spot upon arrival. What if the immigration told you that you have to apply for a visa at the embassy which is thousands of kilometers away…

This is my first time crossing the border by land. Hence, I have to make sure everything has to be very precise and well planned. Other than my daily cycling mileage commitment, I have to make sure my visa date of arrival and departure is on the schedule.

I just got another information that I have to pass a small country, Moldova before entering Romania. It is not under my plan and I just realized this, I never heard of this country and it is a landlocked country when I look at the map. Hence, I had to quickly go to Moldova embassy in Oddessa to apply for the visa. I am so lucky that I have been told that the visa can be done in one day..HEHE

I think the war has left a lot of memories for everyone during WW1. A Soveit artillery, used to shoot down the plane? Maybe?

Found a twelfth chair, made with bronze, should be very heavy, photo taken at Deribasovskaya Street.

I like the view of the sea very much, I could spend most of the time looking at the sea if I could. Today I am going to spend my whole evening here at the black sea at Odessa. 🙂

You can take a shower here before and after enter the sea, but the design looks like the water coming from the drain..haha

It was so much fun jumping into the sea from here, I feel like I am getting younger while joining them to jump! I am happy to jump twice

Everyone enjoying at the beach included this lovely fluffy stuff, can I throw him into the sea and see him swim? haha

What lovely weather, how I wish to get a seat over there and lie down overlooking the sea. I am sure that I will overslept

Wow, wonder how they able to get so many of these mussel, they should be plenty of creamy garlic butter mussel for tonight

What a weather, let’s have a sunbath and get some tan lines!

There is a men’s club over here, wonder is there a women’s club as well? I need to explore it…haha

Caption please…